Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When the final portfolio is due.

Speaking with Paul yesterday, I realized there is some confusion about due dates. I want you to have the *draft* of your portfolio done by Sunday. This means, you should have completed revisions of your cover letter, the outcomes inventory, any papers you want to revise, and picked what writing you'll include in the evidence section of your portfolio. The evidence section can include writing you've done in class or elsewhere, drafts, pre-writing, notes, etc. The evidence section contains the work you'll point to as evidence and example in your cover letter and in your inventory.

Your final portfolio will be due on the last day of class, that is, 19 December. If you have a largely done draft ready by Sunday, this schedule will give you three days for final polish, proofreading your cover letter and inventory, re-thinking and re-reading.

Please DON'T try to put the portfolio or the draft of it together in one day. This is a recipe for an unsuccessful portfolio. Give yourself time to think, write, revise, reflect, and polish. Learning the value of slowing down the writing process and giving yourself the time needed to do your best work is one of the major lessons of the class. Take it to heart. I'll be looking for evidence you've done so when I look at and grade your portfolios.

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