Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kaizen and Your Process Papers

Years ago, a friend who helps politicians manage campaigns told me about the rule of three. The rule of three was his notion that if a candidate is asked or answers the same question more than three times, she should develop a public answer and broadcast the answer. In responding to Jason's process paper draft, I realized I was saying something to many of you in my responses to your process paper. More importantly, I realized it was one of the major lessons I hope you'll take from this course. Find my response below:

You've seen me make this point in comments on other papers, but I'll repeat it again. To become a fluent, efficient, effective writer, you have to know your writing process as well as you do the processes you've described in this paper. The insight you gained into your creative process should be the first of a continuous process of improvement you can achieve via Kaizen. As you improve your processes and your understanding of them, both conscious and unconscious, your products will show a corresponding improvement .

You can do the same with your writing process. Articulate where you are and what processes you use now to write, find a high impact place to make an improvement in the processes you use to create documents, research what others have done to improve their process, implement the change, and review. Over the course of time, you can obtain any level of accomplishment as a writer you desire. It's just a matter of putting in the work and giving writing your full attention while you write.

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