Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reminder: Due Dates for Portfolio.

A *draft* of the portfolio is what is due Sunday. This draft should consist of draft versions of your cover letter, inventory, and evidence sections.

The final portfolio is due Wednesday, the last day of class. I want folks to take the time between Sunday and Monday to revise, polish, and ask any last minute questions.

Since one of the lessons I hope you will learn is the value to be gained in taking the time to collaborate, go through multiple revisions, and to proofread carefully, please do take the time between Sunday and Wednesday to make sure what you turn in is your best work.

Also remember, if asked, I'll be happy to look at drafts and offer revision suggestions. If you take advantage of this route, please preface your draft with the specific questions you want answered. Don't ask vague questions, like, "Is this all right?" Or questions like, "What kind of grade would this draft get if I turned it in now?" Focus your questions on specific concerns about the writing, rhetoric, structure, format, etc. of your draft. This will allow you to practice your budding metadiscourse and for me to give specific, useful pieces of advice which will help you improve your portfolios.

Write with questions.


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