Monday, December 17, 2007

Comments on Portfolio Drafts.

Your portfolio drafts are clearly coming together. For a few, there's development left in terms of your cover letters and inventories. For most, you've got a single revision and proofread. For a select few, you've pretty much made your case. Most everyone is doing excellent work.

I have responded to everyone who has asked me to collaborate, via google docs on their drafts. This time, I did so as a response to your emails inviting me to collaborate and, where it seemed useful, in comments on your drafts themselves.

When you submit your final portfolios, do so via google docs. Name the file via your last name and the title "Final Portfolio: final Draft." To insure you're the only one who can view your grade, invite just me as a collaborator.

In the meantime, I will check my email each morning and again either in the afternoon or evening. I will have my cell phone with me: 505-553-3853. Do call with questions, concerns, etc.

As you move toward your last drafts and turning in (publishing) your portfolio, please do feel free to write or call. I'll try to limit new content to the blog, but if a basic idea needs clarification, I will post on it.



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