Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Answers to a couple of more good questions...

The prewriting posts to your individual blogs are meant to be on the formal papers only. Don't worry about doing the pre-writing for past papers, only for those on which you are currently working or will work in the future.

Publish your formal papers either via google docs including me as a collaborator (my preference) or via the class drop box.

I like google docs because you can invite viewers or collaborators, and the immediate feedback you can get is a useful tool in writing. I also like the online web writing and production tools because many web teams are using them as basic tools for working at a distance and asynchronously.

Having said this, one of the mistakes I've made is in not paying enough attention to how UAT students are used to turning in assignments, so I'll be happy to accept assignments in the class drop box or the Q&A forums.


Jason Williams said...

Thanks, Steve. This class had its difficulties in the beginning, but I think we are really starting to hit our stride as a class. I hope you weren't offended by our frustration, but I am glad that you are humble:)I look forward to the remainder of the class.

Steve Brandon said...

Thanks for this post. I was frustrated when tactics I used elsewhere didn't seem to be working at UAT, and then I realized a lot of what was going on was inherent in a five week class. Add in the fact the class had what I've come to think of as a false start, and I found your frustrations natural. Let me know of any others, and I'll do what I can to help. What I hope you've all heard is that I'm invested in your learning and your getting something out of this class, and I'm more than willing to go the extra mile to help you learn.